Trusted Cryptocurrency Platform
In the cryptocurrency market, Credibility is paramount. That means full transparency not only in the community support and development, but also in any security effort.

DEX or Decentralized Exchange

DEX or a trading board that does not have an intermediary to control but will use the Blockchain system to create a market that allows us to trade without a middleman. The advantage of DEX is that no one will be able to close this system. No one can come and snatch your money away.

Now that there are many well-known DEX trading platforms we are looking for an exchange that will give coin holders the confidence to trade without worrying about their money missing. COMEX will be made available on an increasing number of DEX in the future in order to maximize the breadth of trading known by the selection of exchanges is another important aspect of our coin offering more reliable.

CEX or Centralized Exchange

CEX or Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchange is a coin-currency trading platform digital online that is quite popular. Users can trade between fiat money and cryptocurrencies, with companies or entities acting as the intermediaries for the big clip exchange.
Intermediaries here are often trusted to manage any asset from trading, it is like a bank were customers deposit money because they trust the bank to keep it.